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WOTF: Update

Also, if you want to see our stories made into a slightly over the top music video:

and UPDATE on the Update:

For the folks who requested it, here’s my acceptance speech at the ceremony.

or just watch the vastly superior version Rhiannon made:

Dance Gra-bee Dance!

The Writers of the Future thing

Guess i should at least mention how it was to go down to Writers of the Future, right?

It was cool and crazy and sleepless. Met some really cool people, made some new friends… awesome.

If you’re a writer, and you aren’t yet eligible for SFWA, you should be submitting to this every quarter. Some people have concerns about the organization behind the contest. I’ll let Frederik Pohl address that. Writers of the Future gave me more money for a single story than i’ll ever likely see again.

They put me up in a hip, swank hotel.

Swank Hotel For Grá

My fellow students were talented, funny and just great to be around.


They made me write an entire story in 24 hours.


And while the first half of the ceremony was imperfect. The second half was amazing and touching.

Notice Hercules in the lower left corner. :-P

Notice Hercules in the lower left corner. 😛

That's Eric Kotani on my right. He was full of rule.

That's Eric Kotani on my right. He was full of rule.

Blah blah blah

Blah blah blah blah

Before the ceremony, they unveiled our story art. I was blessed to have mine done by Ryan Behrens. You should watch for this guy’s name and/or hire him. He’s immensely talented.

Me with my artist, Ryan Behrens

Me with my artist, Ryan Behrens

The signings they arranged had their problems, but i generally had a great time and it was good practice for doing signings at cons.

Me signing book

I cut a rubber stamp specially for this book and stamped every book i signed. Whew. It was so many books that i used up an entire ink pad!

Some people asked if this was my "logo." The story is called Life In Steam. Teapot, steam, get it? Get it?!?

So, let’s sum up, class. It’s surreal, a decent little boost for your career, pays well and is a lot of fun.

Do it!

My first (unofficial) review.

John E. Rogers, Jr. writes on the Asimov’s Forum:

“LIFE IN STEAM by Gra Linnaea
(Illustrated by Ryan Behrens)

The first truly superb story in the anthology. Answers the age-old question of what would have happened if James Blish had tried his hand at Steam Punk. This would. I hereby dub this sub-sub genre Steam Monk. Religious intolerance, agents of the Inquisition, artificial “Babbage” brains made of wood and brass, chasms full of clanking and hissing machinery, an impossibly alternate world where travel upward into the “heavens” involves spider ships that crawl along the fixed, solid firmament of the sky, crises of intellectual and spiritual “conscience,” and some good, old fashioned action. What’s not to love?”

I feel a little squee. 🙂


John goes on to say later:

“Linnaea’s bizarre, rule-breaking steam monk story “Life in Steam” exhibits a form of literary bravado (and bravura) we need to see more of.”

More squee!

Arg! Grrr! Bah!


I notice i’m spending a sizable chunk of my time and attention on NOT WRITING.

This is an issue.

Ok, sure, i’m researching MFAs (or feeling overwhelmed and getting nothing done about MFAs) and my Writers of the Future award and workshop are coming up fast, but … i feel grumpy about not writing.

Me no like.

I think it might be time for me to do another DIFFICULT AND LUDICROUSLY PUBLIC CHALLENGE.

I have some ideas, but nothing has quite come together yet. May have to wait till i get back from WotF. But i know it’s going to involve YOU and will be about setting daily goals and completing them and possibly CASH challenges.

Stay tooned.

Relationship as a metaphor for my writing

Motivation and i are on a trial separation. I’ve been casually dating the twins, Procrastination and Distraction and my old girlfriend, Apathy keeps calling.

Feh, i say!

My writing’s been derailed since i finished the first draft of the novel. I’ve done a few pokes at a couple of stories, but nothing’s really gelling.

Me no like.

So, as always, this calls for drastic measures. I don’t know what yet, but stay tuned, cause it might involve cash prizes or at least me making a fool of myself.

Oh, and i might as well start doing music and art again if i don’t start writing regularly.

See you soon.