I do more by 9:30 than most people do by 9:35

Today is a productive day, i’ve decided.

Today i wrest words from the air, from the very air!

…well, i hope so.

And music! I shall wrest music from the very air, as well!

…well, maybe more words than music.

I’m applying to the Clarion Writers Workshop, which is all prestigious and stuff. Right now i’m polishing a few stories to get out to them in the hopes that they will think i’m worthy…

…and poor, also in the hopes that they will think i am poor enough to qualify for a scholarship.

Wish me luck.

Oh, in the last week i got 6 rejections (4 personal, two emphatically asking me to send another story!) and sent out 2 stories. So i currently have 31 stories in the mail. I’m going to put another out today so i still have at least 30 out there after Jan 1st.

Enough talk, i have work to do!

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