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Gra’s writing journal 2008 – final issue

Final Word Count: 85,413 – Stress-level: What stress?

Word 85,412 was “THE” , word 85,413 was “END”.

I think this is my best book.

And by “best book” i mean “finished.”

And by “finished” i mean… wait, let me start over.

Back when i was at Clarion, i was chatting with a friend of mine (*ahem* Neil *cough*) about a piece i'd written. It was fun to get all geeky about my fiction. But at the end of the conversation he said, “Well, of course your problem is, this is not actually a story.”

Sigh. I get that a lot.

In fact, i get it so often, you'd think i'd be inured to it, but no, those eleven words messed me up for three months. Every time i touched my electronic quill to electronic paper, i'd ask myself “is this a story? Is it? IS IT?!”

But i think this new book _is_ a story.

I mean, i think it is. I hope so.

It's a mess, of course, and i'm pretty sure the ending needs another 5000 words, but you know, in the same way i felt my brain rewiring at Clarion, i feel stuff starting to click around plot and story.

Gra learns.

Sure, yeah yeah yeah, i'm getting better at writing and all that stuff. But what i'm really figuring out is that it might actually be ok to slow down once in awhile, might actually be a good thing. Maybe i've reached the upper limit of how fast i can reasonably write.

I think i can easily write 2000 words a day (which might be a lot for some people.) I can output reasonable prose, readable scenes and characters at that pace.

But when i'm writing 4000 to 10,000 words a day (like a was in NaNoWriMo), i tend to write messy half-prose. Lot's of undescribed people walking around undescribed locations, thinking THINGS, but never saying them.

But now i see a bold, wonderful future where my first draft is less than thirty rewrites from my final draft.

A lot of people don't get the whole “Rewriting” thing. I remember when i finished my first novel, i told my mom and she asked, “So when will it be in stores?”


I'm surprised at the number of people who think the process for writing a book is:

1.) Write down whatever is in your head.
2.) Publish the unedited first draft and receive millions of dollars and adoring fans.

In reality, even though i really like this book, i think i have one solid rewrite before i even show it to another writer for critique. Then probably three or four rewrites before i'll even think of showing it to an agent.

Sigh. Such is the sexy rockstar lifestyle of the writer.

My new crazy plan is to get a critiquable draft to my first reader by Jan 1st and a second draft to other critiquers by Feb 1st. Sort of a Na – Get-Your-First – No – Out-To-Agents-In-The-Next-Three – Mo.

(Wait, didn't i say i'd try slowing down?) Anyway, never mind. Wish me luck!

Anyway anyway, thanks for all the well wishes and suggestions and offers of sympathy and wrist massages. I really appreciate every one of you.

Gra’s writing journal 2008 – issue 2

Word Count: 80,477 – Stress-level: High

Y'know, i'd meant it to be a light book. Really. Something silly and fun. I believe the words “kooky” escaped my lips.

But, like every other time i'm allowed to touch a writing implement, everything turned so damn serious. Mopey even.

Just once, could i not try to write something “deep” and “important”?

I must have one book in me where pirate unicorns sail their ships across rainbows to rescue chocolate fairies from mean old Mr. Sunny-Frown.

I dunno. Maybe i don't watch enough cartoons.

The other day, someone asked me what my book was about.

I, (and, i might add, without irony) said, “One character represents the concept of death as entropy, while the other is a metaphor for the Tarot's concept that death is merely a form of change…”

I think i got most of the way through before they started to back away.

And yes, from one perspective, i can be all like, “yay me!” Because, you know, i did write over 80,000 words (or 427,627 maddening taps on my keyboard.) in 19 days.

But, from another perspective, there is a problem.

A couple hours ago, looking at the end of the manuscript, i found myself staring in horror, nay, terror, at the two most harrowing words imaginable:


“But Grá, what's so terrible about those two words?”
“I'm glad you asked.”
“And Grá, is 'III' really a word?”

See, the problem is the words fail to be THE END. No matter how much i squint my eyes, they're not even related to THE END. I believe they may be acquaintances of THE END's hairdresser. And THE END won't return their calls.

What do i do? Well, i guess i keep writing…

One last writing update at the end of the month.