Oh, also … I’m on the road

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I’m currently on the road with Rob and Jason.

By the time I got on the plane to meet up with them, our sum total plans were:

  1. Meet in L.A.
  2. Rent car
  3. Desert? Boat?

…we’re awesome.

So far, our trip has taken us to a number of dive Mexican restaurants, a neighborhood in East L.A.,

a tiki-themed lesbian bar

, a vegan diner, Joshua Tree national park and a drive-in theater out in the desert near the biggest military base in the United States.

This was all by day two.

As of this morning, I’m finally caught up on sleep. As soon as the other guys are awake, we’re going to flip a coin and head somewhere else, maybe the Mojave.

See you later …


Gráfinder: Spring addition

By the way, if you find yourself at Norwescon (April 5th through 8th) you can find me at the following panels, etc:

Friday 11 am Cascade 6

Our panelists will help you divine the meaning of different rejection letters and ways to deal with rejection.
Sonia Orin Lyris (M), Sir R.L. McSterlingthong, Grá Linnaea, Lizzy Shannon, Eileen Gunn

Friday 2 pm Cascade 6

Gender Roles Redefined by Sci Fi and Fantasy
Genre literature freed up women long before the ERA. How has sci-fi and fantasy literature redefined gender roles, both for men and women? And why does Joss Whedon have such a love for teenage girls who kick ass?
Stina Leicht (M), Paul Guinan, Grá Linnaea, Julie Hoverson

Saturday 11am Evergreen 1&2

The Writer/Editor Relationship
An editor is interested in your story. Hurray! But he wants big changes. Boo! Now what do you do? Find out what goes on behind the scenes and how you as a writer can increase your chances of closing a sale.
Jay Lake (M), Stan!, Gordon Van Gelder, Grá Linnaea

Saturday 2 pm Grand 2

Autograph Session 1

See you there!

Vitamin D may very well rule my life.

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I have two general states to my life lately:

One is where I regularly take vitamin D supplements and everything ticks along smoothly.

The other (like today) is when I forget to take my supplements.

It takes a few days (I think I last remembered to take my D on Friday.) My mornings are usually still pretty good, but sometime around noon I get depressed. (I probably shouldn’t use the term ‘depressed,’ which means something specific in the therapeutic world. I guess the proper phrase would be ‘seriously blue.’)

The shift is subtle. My mood starts to drift over the last few hours of morning. I start feeling overwhelmed. I start thinking no one likes me. I start doubting all my work.

If I eat, things get a little better (thank you, delicious bowl of Bibimbap,) but generally it’ll take two or three days of consistently taking 4000 UI of D before I’ll feel totally okay again.

I guess another sign that I’m not seriously depressed is that there’s a part of my brain always analyzing these moods. I can sort of step back and go, “Oh, crap, right. Ah well, keep your head down and get through the day … and then go take your damn vitamins.”


Posted by ON in Dear Diary

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