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art day 54 – i am herb alpert

I’m still trying to figure out this whole arranging horns thing. I have a vision of doing this sort of sloppy garage punk pop indie stuff … but with horns!

Anyway, this track came out ok. The guitar is a little over processed, and you have to wait till 1:30 to even get to the horn parts, but all in all a pretty inoffensive track.

For your listening pleasure : i am herb alpert

art day 52 – Cold North Wind

Another light and harmless trance track. Kinda a long one though.

This probably could use another pass, at least in the mixdown, but it mostly came together pretty well. Since it’s a trance track, it builds really slow. As always, it could probably use more melody. Ah well.

For your listening (and hopefully dancing) pleasure : Cold North Wind.

art day 49 – Dream Kittens Riding Dream Unicorns

I’m starting to think that if i ever do record vocals for these overly happy little techno things, i’ll have to find children to do them … or pixies … or pixie children.

More sugar-pop madness from my sleep-deprived mind: Dream Kittens Riding Dream Unicorns

What do you think? Too much sugar? Not enough?

art day 41 – Ring Ringu

I’ve been doing these little musical experiments where i compose little thirty-second music chunks and then DJ them together into … well, larger music chunks.

This one, Ring Ringu came together in some interesting ways.

I dunno, i think my taste in music runs weirder than most folks, so i can never tell if something is working or not.

Give it a try. Lemme know what you think.