My 2015 Orycon schedule

Hey y’all, come see me be a goofus on panels or hear me read from my work.

Check me out at Orycon!

At the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront (1401 SW Naito Parkway Portland, Oregon 97201)


Fri Nov 20

2:00 pmDouglas Fir roomEndings
You’ve just blown your reader’s mind with your story’s climax. Make sure they’ll come back for more–give them a good denouement!

David D. Levine, Erica L. Satifka, Anna Sheehan, Ann Gimpel, Grá Linnaea


5:00 pmMeadowlark roomWotF Reading
Writers of the Future winners read their work.

Lori Ann White, Stoney Compton, Peter Wacks, Sharon Joss, Grá Linnaea


Sat Nov 21

3:00 pmSalon GEthics, Morals, and Amorals
Irene Radford, (*)Grá Linnaea, Esther Jones, Tanya Huff, Cat Rambo


5:00 pmSunstone roomPiracy: Fight It or Embrace It?
Piracy is everywhere, and creators hate it. Except when they don’t. HBO, for instance, says pirating of “Game of Thrones” is the best free advertising ever. Should creators learn to embrace the Jolly Roger, or fight it?

Erik Wecks, Shawna Reppert, (*)Joyce Reynolds-Ward, Sharon Joss, Grá Linnaea


7:30 pm – Hawthorne room – Grá Linnaea Reading
Grá Linnaea reads from his Edwardian magical thriller, “Text Empire.”


Sun Nov 22

12:00 pmDouglas Fir roomStructurally Speaking
Stories have rhythm. Is there One True Pattern, or can we mess with it? Are we really bound to the Hero’s Journey, or are there other models?

Doug Odell, Leslie What, Grá Linnaea, Erica L. Satifka, Anna Sheehan

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