No, voting for Hillary Clinton is not the same as voting for Donald Trump

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(Spoiler warning: this is oriented toward lefty folks who somehow think voting for Hillary Clinton is the same as voting for Donald Drumpf.)

Here’s the thing:

My personal politics lean in the direction of democratic socialism, (and tip a bit into some parts of social anarchism.) I have a long history that led me to where I am politically, just as you no-doubt have a history that led you to yours.

In recent years I came to the shocking realization that my politics are all fine and good in my head, but are worthless applied to the real world unless I make an effort to educate myself on the intersectional experiences of people who are … not me.

I can scream all day about my pet issues, but if I’m not listening to people with different life experiences from mine, if I don’t consider how my “ideal” solutions effect people who didn’t win the white-guy lottery, well, then I’m not promoting democratic socialism, social anarchism, or hippie let’s-all-just-love-each-other-ism.

If I do that then all I’m proposing is Works-for-Middle-Class-White-Guy politics.

So, yes, I supported Bernie Sanders with both time and money. I like his message and I liked how he held himself in the primaries.

But, to make sure I knew what I was talking about, I looked up his voting record and his speeches. He and I don’t agree on everything, and I don’t like every choice he’s made, but generally he seems great.

That said, when Senator Sanders lost the primary to former Secretary of State Clinton, to make sure I wasn’t talking out of my ass, I did the same research on her voting record and speeches.

She and I don’t agree on everything, and I don’t like every choice she’s made, but guess what?

She’s a liberal-leaning moderate, one who has put incredible work into causes and social changes I very much agree with.

For a succinct history of her voting record, I’d suggest this short read:

It’s fine if you’re put off by the scandals, but maybe you should make sure you’re informed on what actually happened.

A short synopsis:

If you’re concerned that Clinton is “in the pocket” of corporate interests, I’d suggest you look how she stacks up against other politicians you like:

If your reaction to Hillary Clinton is based on yelling you’ve heard on the internet, maybe you should do a little more research.

While you’re at it, maybe look at your reactions to Hillary Clinton, maybe ask yourself, “Would I be this worked up if this was a man?”

So, whatever, decide what you’re going to decide and do what you’re going to do. But I truly hope you’re thinking about how your choices will effect people of various social identities, as race, gender, sexuality, and class. If you’re in a political snit because you didn’t get the exact person you wanted this one time, maybe it’s time to start thinking more long term, and for the benefit of a more diverse group of people.

As a democratic socialist/social anarchist, I have plenty of concerns about america’s voting system, capitalism, corporate personhood, on and on and on.

But as much as I’d love to always get my way every election, I’m not compromising when I vote for Hillary Clinton. I’m not holding my nose when I vote for a liberal-moderate with a ton of experience, good ideas, and a decent voting record. I’m voting for the best available person for the job … and then I’m getting back to work, trying to influence positive social change (and hopefully continuing to educate myself on intersectional solutions.)

If you’re a lefty-oriented person who somehow thinks voting for Hillary Clinton is the same as voting for Donald Drumpf, please consider the effort it will take to mobilize and influence a liberal-moderate who you probably disagree with on some issues.

Versus what it would take to influence this guy:

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