[novel update] That was fast

Huh. Who’d have thought that if i offered free money on the internet, i’d get such a fast response?

I have my list!

Apologies to the people i couldn’t fit in. I tried to do first come-first-serve, but also had to contend with people signing up in person, in blog comments, emails, phone calls, and twitter. Sheesh!

And, yeah, i leaned a tiny bit toward people who were local and friends. Shout outs to everyone i missed!

OK, here we go. I’m currently on page 83; 16,717 words into draft 1 of “Losing Candyland.”

Starting tomorrow i have from when i wake up till when i go to sleep to get to 19,717 words into the novel (about page 96) or i owe Dave Lerner $10.

Wish me, or Dave, luck.

P.S. – Extra special thanks to The Ferrett for using his vast internet magical powers to drum up so many people to … take my money … um, thanks, Ferrett!

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