Obligatory New Year’s rumination…

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Did the quiet new years thing last night, J and i hung, talked, played games, watched anime, and did a ritual before and after midnight. Nice.

We met with some friends a few days ago and set goals for the coming year. Here are some of mine:

    Heart / Spirit

  • Seek harmony between body, mind and spirit
    • Write daily goal check-ins to J and K
    • Take breaks every day
    • Take at least 4 days off a month
  • Spend time in my vision
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Honor spontaneous creation
  • Breathe

  • Walk at least two blocks everyday.
  • Bike!
  • DDR!
  • Eat less, primarily vegetables (as close to raw as i can stand)
  • Do yoga every day
  • Drink 3 liters of water a day

  • Write and record 30 songs with lyrics/vocals
  • Write and record 1 new instrumental album (probably trance or breaks)
  • Take first steps towards composing for film / interactive media
  • Take first steps towards performing live

  • Finish polishing 4 stories for Clarion and mail in (with application and scholarship request)
  • Use the Bradbury method for writing goals
    • Write 1 story a week
    • Finish every story
    • Mail out every non-trunked story (after 3 drafts)
  • Submit a story every quarter to Writers of the Future this year
  • Do 1 writing exercise each day

  • Learn 90 lessons of Japanese lessons
    • Possibly take Japanese class

  • Incorporate Heart of Now into 501c3
  • Teach at least 6 courses and set up Midwest Heart of Now course
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