Oh yeah, writing…

So, like i said, i’ve been slowly getting my writing legs back.

It’s been a process; I started by just free writing and journaling, then started doing so five minute story exercises again. The exercises have been good because idea creation and the initial sparky stuff is what i’m good at, so i didn’t feel too overwhelmed.

It’s the middle part that always trips me up. You know, all that plotty stuff, figuring out what people do and want and the consequences of all that cool stuff i set up in the beginning.

Why can’t someone write that part for me? Can’t i just come up with cool ideas and let some underling flesh it out?

Oh, right, i don’t have any underlings.

That’s the problem, now that i’m sixty pages into the novel, it’s all consequences and implications. it’s all plotty stuff.

Anyway, i’m about to go do some more exercises and at least look at the novel. My hope is to get back into writing on the book for at least a few hours every morning. When i have a word count of any value to report, i’ll start posting updates. I may even transition back into challenges, contests and bets, so keep watching.

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  1. Emily says:

    Good job, that's always hard. If you need any support, I'm always up for some parallel play. 🙂


  2. mike says:

    hello. I'm a close friend of Quentin, who showed me your site. this may be a little forward of me, but i am also a writer (in the purely theoretical, never-sold-anything-in-my-life kind of way) and my area of study in college was mostly in screenplays (intensely plotty). I very much enjoy working with people on their writing, which always inspires my own writing. If you need someone to help with plot points and/or other such writing things, i would love to lend a hand. i'm trying to jump start my own writing again, and i would love to have a side project to get my wheels turning.

    if nothing else, thanks for the interesting reading. i'll be looking back through your posts. it's very inspirational.

    thanks again.


  3. mike says:

    hope you enjoy. there isn't much there yet, but i'm working on a few new posts as i speak.


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