Ruminations on the year: 2010

Where do i even start? I feel like i’m still processing. But, yeah, it was a significant year, full of stress and disappointments and crazy and joy. I’m happy and sad and excited and generally just really full.

There were tons of moments and details i would have done differently, but in general i feel blessed and lucky and amazed at everything i accomplished and experienced.

Heh, i just realized i could almost write the same thing for just the last two months. My life is weird.

Anyway, i’m overwhelmed at the prospect/process of distilling the last year into a single blog post, so i think i’ll steal the End of Year Survey meme (and ignore the questions that don’t resonate.)

Things i did in 2010 i’d never done before: Phew, got divorced, spent significant time in other countries, traveled for over half a year.

People close to me who died: Karen died while i was traveling. She was awesome and a fighter right to the end.

Countries i visited: Australia, Azerbaijan, England, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Scotland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates

Stuff i want to have in 2011 that i lacked in 2010: I want to write WAY more. I’m giving myself some slack for all the life changes and the traveling, but i’m not letting life stop my writing anymore and i’m not making choices this year that kill writing.

2010 was a weird year for friendships. I want to (well, sometimes i think i don’t really have any choice, i have to) continue to love people as strongly as i always do … but i want to stop getting derailed when people aren’t there for me. I’m forming more boundaries. I’ve developed a low threshold for people who can’t honor other people’s feelings or balance other people’s needs with their own.

Fortunately other people step up. My life is warm and full. 🙂

A date from 2010 etched in my memory: God, so. many. memories. (and i suck at dates) Wandering around London and Istanbul, standing in a cloud of butterflies in Aktu, Kazakhstan.

Biggest achievement of the year: Hmmm … just keeping it together and not going broke. Really focusing on what i want in my life. Finishing a graphic novel.

Biggest failure: Not having a real plan. letting myself get so ungrounded that it’s taken months just to start thinking about the future.

Illness or injuries: Heh, i stabbed myself in the hand on my last day in Kazakhstan.

People whose behavior merited celebration: Gethin and Heather and Giles and Nell, Nina.

Where did most of my money go: Travel, period.

Stuff i got really, really, really excited about: Museums! Other cultures. The Black Sea. Istanbul. Seeing Damien. Seeing Gethin and Heather. Seeing Mary and Durand.

Compared to this time last year, am i happier or sadder? Hmmm … I’m happier. Things still challenge, but i’m doing what i want and am excited about possibilities and options. 🙂

If i had 2010 to do over again, knowing what i know now, what would i do differently? I would have planned more. I would have built my life around writing.

Best book i read: I did shockingly little reading this last year. But The City & The City was really good and i loved Glen David Gold’s Carter Beats the Devil.

Greatest musical discovery: Listening to lot’s of great new stuff, but i’m going to go with Frightened RabbitThe Midnight Organ Fight

What did i want and get in 2010? I wanted to get the hell out of dodge, to see the world and to figure out what was next. … Check, check and check.

Best films of 2010: A lot of not-so-challenging films this year. (and, come-on, i think my life was challenging enough. 😛 ) I adored Inception. Star Trek was brain candy, but thoroughly enjoyable. I cried in Toy Story 3. And … OMG *squee* Scott Pilgrim vs. The World!

What i did on my birthday: Whew. I landed in Edinburgh and wondered what the hell i was doing. On my birthday, Gethin and Heather took me out and … it was just chill and connective and wonderful. And got a mandolin. Lovely.

One thing would have made my year immeasurably more satisfying: A novel contract.

My personal fashion concept in 2010: For most of the year i wore the same four tee-shirts and a pair of ever-disintegrating jeans. But once i got home it’s been vests and button-downs. I might possibly look like a hipster raiding his grandpa’s closet.

Who did i miss? Jai, Nina, Loreen, Damon, Damien, Mary & Durand … lot’s of others.

Who was the best new person i met? Elina

Valuable life lesson learned in 2010: Hmmm … balance, balance, balance. I want to travel, i want to write, i want to feel grounded, i want adventure, i want close friends, i want new experiences. Balance, balance, balance.

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