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I’ll post a World Fantasy Con update soon, but first i need to clear out some of these tabs before my browser drowns in content.

Jeff VanderMeer’s “Book Life” looks pretty interesting. He also posted a list of reasources on the book’s site.

Been playing with It supposedly increases your reading speed. We’ll see.

I got all excited about Ray Bradbury’s “Death Is A Lonely Business.” When i get home, i’m going to pick it up from the library. Nina says the protag is from “Dandelion Wine,” cool!

Wanna pick up a set of these Linux Stickers to trick out my laptop.

I twittered this, but i want to remember this List of Anarchist Science Fiction, there’s still stuff on here i haven’t read.

LOVE Virtual Box, i love it love it love it. With this install of XP, i doubt i’ll ever need a full Windows box again. *Squee*

How To Write Badly Well by Joel Stickley was pretty hilarious. Want to read the rest of it at some point.

Couple of pay-work sites i need to look over for my start-up: 10 Great Places to Find Web Design Jobs and
10 Great Places to Find Graphic Design Jobs (some overlap in both.)

This site rules: is a list of resources and guides for open-sourcing the world.

My God, can U.S. healthcare be any more disastrous? Here are some charts on how we rank against other countries. Pretty bleak.

Creepy and strangely beautiful. This guy crafted a big head mask of himself.

I’m kind of delighted that Christopher Lee got knighted.

[UPDATE] *ahem* E.J. points out that this Magnetic Fields album is from 2004. But is still lovely.

Apostrophe, learn how to use it!

A couple of info-mapping Linux programs: FreeMind and Semantik.

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  1. E. J. says:

    "i" isn't especially new, it came out in 2004. But it is great. "I Wish I Had An Evil Twin" is one of my favorite songs.


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