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Holy crap, i have less than six days till i fly to Europe!

Don’t want to carry any extra weight, so i’d better get rid of all these tabs.


I love this Marco Fusinato project called, “Music Is What Numbers Feel Like.”

I’ve been researching logo trends for my day job. Some fun stuff here.

I’m also lately fascinated by Smashing Magazine, which is full of cool design tips.


Since i’m bouncing around the world, and have no money, i’ve been spending a lot of time on the Couchsurfer’s Site. Particularly making sure i do it in a safe fashion.

While i’m in London, i’m really hoping to visit the T-Party writing group.


I keep forgetting that i plan to read this article on How To Make America More Innovative.

I want to read this economics book, “Whoops!: Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay.”


Just in case folks who knew danele are reading this. My old friend Devon posted videos of danele’s memorial service.


I’m curious about developing a few television shows. These two articles cover one’s way too formulaic for my taste, but still have interesting information.

My writing has been on hiatus while J and i work through our separation stuff and i get ready for Europe, but i plan to get back on track querying agents and submitting stories in a week or so.

Ok, going to bed …

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