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Whew. So much to do these days. My writing got scuttled by some ridiculous drama back home, but i’m slowly picking it up again. I still need to write about Istanbul and Sydney and and and … Whew.

Anyway, my browser is getting clogged again. Here are tabs i’ve been holding open:

Picking up a story i thought about a while ago, but never wrote, i have a ton of historical tabs open including Google Timeline, The Victorian era, The Inquisition, Spanish Nationalism,
Falange, The Spanish Civil War, Golems, The history of Jews in Spain,
Specifically Sephardic Jews and Marrano. Some key people in that time period are Daniel Mendoza, David Ricardo, Benjamin Disraeli, Sabato Morais, Emma Lazarus, Benjamin N. Cardozo, David de Sola Pool and Basil Henriques. Also the Portuguese Inquisition. I think this map will be useful and this article about The Nemesis for said story. I mix all this together and i get … who knows?

Whew. If the story comes together the way i’m hoping, it’s going to be killer.

I’ve been absolutely stunned with The Rsa. Amongst other amazing projects, the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts has a series of animations on cool philosophical insights. It’s like … but with cartoons!

Arg. I was going to go see Neil perform with Four Play, but sadly i’ll have to leave Australia before then.

I went through the long process of taking my netbook apart, so i could replace the screen, but discovered that my replacement LCD had the wrong cable form factor. Arg!

I’m extremely geeked about this project to crowd-source investments to fund projects.

Still futzing with the Virtualbox XP instillation on my Ubuntu laptop. I’m reading an article on how to make it more seamless.

Cat Rambo referenced this story by Barth Anderson, so i want to read it in the next few days.

I’m facinated with this low budget sci-fi thriller called “Monsters” by Gareth Edwards.

My God, this guy is my hero. The Khan Academy is one amazing dedicated guy who has posted over 1500 ten minute videos on mathematics, physics, biology, etc. His lessons are funny, direct and awesome.

This stuff is a little cheesy, but i’ve occasionally been looking at posts on The Happiness Project.

And of course, i’ve started following The Fiction-Writing Directorate again. They have an easy-to-follow method to get you writing. Write … OR ELSE!

Speaking of which, i should get back to it. Clarion Write-a-thon, ho!

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