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#$10novel – day 25 – Holy $#@%!!

I can only say…


95,110 words, the last two are THE and END.

Is it perfect? No. But it has some good stuff in it, i think. I’m going to quickly and obsessively look over the scenes (throw a good ten or twelve of them away probably) for a day or two and then send the whole mess to initial readers.

Valerie, E.J., thanks for the motivation! You don’t get the $10 each, but E.J. gets Charles Darwin and Valerie gets an Asian guy with an afro!

Thank you all. It’s been a hard process, i couldn’t have done it without you.

Check in tomorrow for a novelburns update. New exciting surprises coming!


#$10novel – day 25 – FINAL DAY!

Like the climactic final scene in the action thriller, i have to satisfactorily end my novel and write at least 3000 words doing it.


Which action thriller is that?

I mean it’s like a show down between me and Valerie and E.J. I have my laptop and they have … wait … where is this metaphor going?

FINAL DAY! Valerie Polichar and Eugene Fischer (DOUBLE DAY!)

I need to hit 95,000 words and THE END. Otherwise, i owe them each $10.

[Imagine that whistling music from “The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly”]

Let’s see what happens…

#$10novel – day 24 – Flash, uh uh!!


I’m literally at the end of the climactic scene, which is, oddly enough, really hard to write. I actually only managed to meet my wordcount by going back and padding out some earlier scenes. Ah well.

But i did it. Thanks for playing, J Peters, but the ten dollars stays home.

But you get … a giant eyeball!:

Tomorrow: FINAL DAY! Valerie Polichar and Eugene Fischer (DOUBLE DAY!)

Tomorrow, i HAVE to finish the end. No excuses.


#$10novel – day 24

ten_dollar_bill_thumb7I’m a little worried about today.

Sure, the end is in sight, but i think the climactic scene could likely be the hardest in the book to write and i have a bunch of meetings today and will be running around a lot.

Whine. Whine. Whine.

So, note to self: Rewriting a novel in 25 days … is hard.

So here’s the plan, fit in writing in little dribs and drabs when i get time, use tomorrow to pad out any scenes that are too spare, and then maybe go over the whole thing to look for anything too blatantly stupid.

Then i ship this off to the initial readers. Whew.

More importantly, THEN i shave off the novelburns. Pictures to follow.

#$10novel – days 20, 21, 22, 23 – BAP! BIFF! POW! ZOOM!

For those new to the site, this will make much more sense if you read this first.

Hey all,

Been gone the last few days, so i need to catch you all up!

To start with, here’s a picture of me presenting Diana with her ten dollar reward.



Ferrett, because he rocks, donated $20 in my name to GLADD. (This was especially nice since the &%$#@!^* had threatened, in the comments, to donate my $10 to the Prop-8 people if i lost.)


Let’s recap the last few days.

Day 20 – Monday, June 8th: Misa Arant and Jerry Oltion (DOUBLE PAYOUT DAY!) – YES! (80,018 words)

Misa Arant, you get a starfish. Jerry, you get an old fashioned pinball machine!

Tuesday, June 9th: OFF DAY! – (but i spent all day catching up on work. whew)

Day 21 – Wednesday, June 10th: Lydia Rhoads – YES! (84,282 words)

Lydia, you get a bowling pin.

Day 22 – Thursday, June 11th: Josh English – YES! (88,111 words)

Josh, you get a pocket knife.

Day 23 – Friday, June 12th: Teng Chek – YES! (90,254 words)

Teng, you get a bench.

I have a secret …


… i’m one scene away from finishing the novel. (!!!!?!!) Maybe a little denouement after that, but that’s it.


I guess to honor the contest, i’ll have to go back and find stuff that needs more description or see if there’s a missing scene. We’ll see.

Tomorrow’s contender: Saturday, June 13th: J Peters – 92,000 words

Novelburns update:


Health update:

Ugh. Haven’t been exercising at all lately. Hoping to pick it back up in the next few days.