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#$10novel – day 19 – FAIL!

Diana Standish is our second fabulous cash prize winner!

Yeah. Another burned-out day. Though honestly, i feel pretty proud. I wrote 2000 words that were pretty good. I’ll pick up the extra tomorrow.

Look for a picture tomorrow.


Next up: Oh snap! Misa Arant and Jerry Oltion

Crap, another DOUBLE PAYOUT DAY! I have to make up my lost wordcount and get to 80,000 words, or i have to pay BOTH of them $10. The deadly $20 day comes!


So, yeah. Going to bed.

#$10novel – day 18 – noiseofsomesort

I was going to give up yesterday, i really was. I was tired, unmotivated, lonely and kinda blue.

I got home from the volunteer gig, thinking about going to bed, and what do i find? A note from The Ferrett. He said if i didn’t win he’d donate the ten bucks to Prop 8.


So i worked on the stupid thing till 4am. I’m pretty sure i wrote more than 5000 words last night, but i had to throw thousands away and the rules to the contest say i have to increase the total wordcount by 3000 every day. Anyway, i passed 74,000 words. Yay me.

Anyway, thanks for the boost, Ferrett. 😛 You get peeps:

Today’s contender is my awesome housemate, Diana Standish. She certainly has opportunity to trip me up today and steal my $10, but i also know where she sleeps, so…