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#$10novel – day 10

The coast was good.

It was just nice to get away, not think about work or stress or other problems and just relax for a awhile. (Okay, i still stressed and worried a little here and there, but mostly i had a really nice time.) I’ll post a few pictures when i pull them off my camera.

Anyway, back to it! Novel! Rawr!

I’m right on the cusp of ending ACT I, and i’m excited and scared. I’m pretty low on sleep; I got home late last night, woke up a little sad from a bad dream and had to get up early to do some volunteer work this morning, but since i got back i’ve already written a 1000 words, so i only have 2000 to go.

Today’s contestant:

Day Ten: Kishi

I’m at 45,000 words right now. I need to reach 47,000 by the time i go to bed tonight, or i owe Kishi $10. I have a bunch of money-work to catch up on this afternoon too, but i’ll keep writing and send Twitter updates, probably.

Hope you all had a good holiday.

Me at the aquarium on the coast.

#$10novel – day 9 – KERSMACK!

I’m running out of action noises.

The $10 dollars is saved! I’m now 44,490 words in and am rapidly approaching the end of ACT I. I didn’t really start writing till about 6pm tonight. I’ve been terrified of this scene for forever, but tonight i just sat down and did it. It might not be perfect, but it’s freakin’ done.

Pati, you rule. Sorry to steal back the $10.

But instead, you get the most touching picture ever:

No excerpt today.

Tomorrow: A much needed DAY OFF!!


#$10novel – day 9 (plus novelburns update)

My arms are killing me. I may have to watch out for carpel tunnel. I’m going to ty to take a bath today and maybe try to beg someone to rub my arms.

Woke up pretty early this morning, dragging a bit right now but trying to psych myself up for the complicated, scary and largely unwritten end of ACT I.

Today’s contestant:

Day Nine: Pati Nagle

I need to reach 44,000 words by the time i go to bed tonight, or i owe Pati $10. (I did a little extra writing yesterday, so i need to write a little more than 2000 words to hit 44K.)

Twitter updates, probably.

Novel burns

They grow.

I *almost* wish they would grow faster. They're in the awkward stage.

I *almost* wish they would grow faster. They're in the awkward stage.

I’m thinking about dying my hair today. Maybe i’ll see how the burns look purple?

As an added motivation, i keep a picture of this guy on my desktop.

"If you don't finish the book, this will be you."

“If you don’t finish your book, this will be you.”

#$10novel – day 8 – biff!

Jeesh, i never even posted this morning!

Beth, it is my sad duty to inform you that even though you are the

Day Eight $10 challenger

i only needed 800 words to catch up … and wrote that this morning … sorry. I’ll find some other way to contribute to your robot army.

Instead, i offer … a picture of a robot army!

I’d still like to build more buffer, but i’m hitting the end of ACT I, which is being pretty tricky.

Next up: Pati Nagle. Pati, since i didn’t build up my buffer today, i’m back to slogging tomorrow to keep my $10.

Everyone (except Pati) wish me luck!