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Birthday! Kinda sorta!

Posted by ON in Dear Diary

Best birthday-party-not-actually-on-my-birthday evar!

Nina brought a sticker for my computer and a card that made me cry. Holly made tex-mex tacos. Loreen made the best cupcakes ever and mine had a candle in it.

They sang three different happy birthday songs to me, including (most appropriately):

May the candles on your cake
Burn like cities in your wake.

Dancing didn’t quite manifest, but we had music and food & wine and five conversations spread through three rooms. The kids played upstairs and occasionally came tearing through the house. We played games and talked and laughed and laughed and laughed.

Going to bed tired and happy.

art day 26 – [story fragment] My Best Story EVAR!

I haven’t quite finished this story. But it really wowed them at Clarion. The potential it has…


[Need a killer opening line.]

[Really vivid setting details. (Don’t forget the character … quirky!)]

[Have to research hard sci-fi sciency stuff. Make people think i’m smart.]

[Something awesome happens!]

[Try fail cycle. (Thematic allusions to feminist critique of capitalism?)]

[Depressing fatalistic ending. (Kill the baby?)]