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The obligatory foreign food post.

Yes this makes me an ugly American, but you know, some things must be noted to give a proper impression of my trip.

First up, there’s just the unusual language usage. Just little things that catch me off guard, like:

And, you know, is it just me or do the English use a lot of precious language for things, especially food.

When we first arrived at the housesit, Klara asked if we’d, “like some squash.”

Now, to me “squash” means the single nastiest vegetable on the planet, but in England it’s this sort of Kool-Aid stuff you splash in water to “make it taste better.”

Speaking of taste, we couldn’t help but try DANDELION AND BURDOCK SODA, which was unfortunate, because it tastes like where cough syrup goes to die.

And finally are the foods that i can’t even get my head around, like maybe there’s just a gross misunderstanding of how certain foods work.