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Wow, sometimes it does pay to look yourself up on Amazon.

“My favorite of this issue is Grá Linnaea’s “Beneath the Floorboards,” a chilly little yarn about a runaway boy who steals his father’s precious grandfather clock. I can’t say much about the events herein without doing a spoiler, so I’ll just note that it’s surreal and spooky, with elements that may remind you of Robert Bloch.”

Review of “One Buck Horror – Issue 5” on Amazon

Oh, so i sold a story…

Oh, right, i’m a writer. Oh, and, that’s right, if i send my stories out, my chances of selling them increases. Funny that.

I sold “Bakerloo To Hollow Hills” to the Escape Clause anthology today.

I’m very pleased. Not a pro sale, but it looks like it’s going to be a lovely anthology and the people are really cool.

My friend Beth sold a story to the same anthology! Crazy!