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Script Frenzy!

My friend Gethin got me thinking about it and, what the hell, i’m only juggling:

  1. three short story collaborations,
  2. getting all my stories in the mail,
  3. querying agents for my last novel,
  4. writing the next one,
  5. revising short stories,
  6. writing new ones
  7. AND traveling Europe.

I think the time is right for me to write an entire (at least) 100 page graphic novel in the month of April.

It’s Script Frenzy, my friends, and i’m doing it!

So, along with all my usual European adventures, expect to hear me whine about my insane writing schedule and updates on my (dubious and hastily written) graphic novel. Whew! Artists take note, i’m looking for ya when i get this thing done.

Ok, i’m off to write the first 8 pages.