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Wow, sometimes it does pay to look yourself up on Amazon.

“My favorite of this issue is Grá Linnaea’s “Beneath the Floorboards,” a chilly little yarn about a runaway boy who steals his father’s precious grandfather clock. I can’t say much about the events herein without doing a spoiler, so I’ll just note that it’s surreal and spooky, with elements that may remind you of Robert Bloch.”

Review of “One Buck Horror – Issue 5” on Amazon

My recent collab is available … and reviewed!

Shock Totem - Issue 2 I collaborated on the short story, “Messages from Valerie Polichar” (my first collaboration, ever.) It just came out in Shock Totem Magazine. (This is also the first time my name’s been put on the cover!)

There’s some great stories in the issue. You can pick one up on Amazon.

It’s already been reviewed on a blog. Robert J. Duperre had this to say about our story:

Messages from Valerie Polichar by Grá Linnaea and Sarah Dunn – This, for a while, was my least favorite story. The inclusion of technology and technological terms in a work of fiction has a tendency to turn me off because it can date the tale horribly. However, this one, by the end, I grew to appreciate, and it became my second-favorite. It’s the story of a woman who obsesses with the dead and Facebook. Sound like an odd plot? It is. And it works.

Heh. I’m starting to get used to that. Reviewers seem to hate my stuff at first and then … i dunno, it infects their brain or something.

Thanks for the review, Robert!