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Movin’ to Portland …

Posted by ON in Dear Diary

Awwww yeah!

I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. I knew it was something I wanted to do, but I was nervous about it too.

And, yeah, there are complications: My girlfriend lives in Eugene, I have lots of friends and my writing group here and my money-job is here.

But the details seem to be working out. I’m going to work in the Eugene office Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and telecommute from my house in Portland Thursday/Friday (I might even cut my hours back a little bit so I have more time for writing.) I’ve just announced I’m going to step down as facilitator for my writing group, but I may still sit in from time to time.

But it’ll be awesome. My old house has agreed to let me stay here three nights a week. I’ll visit my girlfriend and friends Mon-Wed, I’m even excited about the train-rides back and forth (four to five hours solid writing time every week!), and I’ll be living in Portland!

On the weekends, I can take trips or I might come down to Eugene sometimes, and my girlfriend is excited to come check out goth and dance clubs up in Portland.

I’m moving into another cooperative house with some absolutely amazing people, including my friend Kerith. The new house is full of musicians and geeks and there’s an organic garden and chickens and cats and people are constatly working on projects and and and …

I’m really geeked about recording again, maybe throwing together a band. And I want to see if some of my professional writing friends want to form a critique group up there.

I’m delighted.

Anyway, I still have to arrange my moving day and other details, but … *squee!*


oh, P.S. – I forgot to give a Vitamin D update. Since I started taking the supplements, I’m feeling about a billion times better. It’s like night and day.

So, you know, yay. 🙂