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Writing… the novel… feh


You’ll notice that a few days ago i said i’d post daily updates on the novel. That i was going to treat the novel like a part-time job and work on it every week day.

Yeah, well…

I still am, really… but it’s been an arduous process. I think the plan of tracking hours on the novel rather than tying my success to wordcount is a good one. I’ll hopefully go back to posting updates about my progress and wordcount, but first i’ve decided to tweak a few things.

Yesterday a fellow Clarion survivor suggested that the scene i’d been stuck on for days might be the result of it not being properly set up in earlier scenes.

Which is so so true. So now i’m thinking that the best thing is to go back and get that stuff in there. I spent a decent chunk of yesterday listing all the plot-cookies and character-hooks that were missing from the first five chapters. Hopefully fixing that stuff will make going forward even easier.

Whew. Hopefully.

Back to the grind….

Changes a comin’

Well, i finally did it. I converted my writing site to a blog. It’s not entirely done, so let’s call this Version 1.

First and foremost, this means that i won’t be posting directly to LiveJournal anymore. You’ll still see my posts, though, through syndication. I’m trying to set up a plugin to show comments made on LJ syndicated posts, but it might be easier to just go to my site if you want to cheer, boo, accuse or cajole. (link at the bottom of every post on LJ.)

Hey you know what?

Tomorrow’s my birthday!

Clearly a time for changes and challenges. In honor of my new year i’m challenging myself to create more. Expect frequent posts here of art, music, story excerpts and other bits of weirdness from my mind.

The current exciting categories are:

  • Scribbles, Constructions and Objects D’Art : ART
  • Bleeps, Crashes and Squawks : MUSIC
  • Chunks Of Story : FICTION EXCERPTS
  • Unsolicited Writing Advice : WRITING ADVICE
  • That’s Just Silly : COMEDY
  • Whoa, That Was Weird! : DREAMS

Expect something new at least twice a week, eventually everyday if i ever get on top of this novel.

I’ll still post updates on the novel process and Work In Progress quotes too.

So, cool, come check out the site!