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My upcoming Orycon schedule

Hey y’all,

I’ll be doing panels and giving a reading at Orycon. Here’s my schedule!


Social Media and the Modern Writer

Jefferson/Adams Fri Nov 8 12:00pm1:00pm

Websites, Facebook fan pages, email lists, contests, twitter, tumblr,
Pinterest, ads, blogs and that annoying thing called a “platform”: what
works, what doesn’t, and why you need to care (spoiler: you do).

Grá Linnaea, William Hertling, Jason Andrew, Aaron Duran, Cat Rambo,
Peter A. Smalley

Pitch it to Me: The Art of the Elevator Speech

Morrison Fri Nov 8 1:00pm2:00pm

Hone your skills for pitching to literary agents, editors, and film agents
and managers. Bring your pitch questions and learn how to pitch

Grá Linnaea, Steven Barnes, Todd McCaffrey, Linn Prentis, Blythe

Effective Readings

Morrison Fri Nov 8 3:00pm4:00pm

You may be a good writer, but reading aloud is a separate skill. Learn to
make your words on the page sound great.

Liz Argall, Anne Bishop, David D. Levine, Grá Linnaea, Sonia Orin

Horror and Dark Fantasy

Ross Island Fri Nov 8 5:00pm6:00pm

What makes the story horror or dark fantasy? What is the inspiration?

Jason V Brock, Grá Linnaea, Paul Groendes, William F. Nolan

Write Your Own Constitution Workshop

Roosevelt Fri Nov 8 6:00pm7:00pm

Bring your laptop. The colony ship has landed and the settlers have
disembarked. Or the revolution has succeeded, the flames of the palace
dying, the tyrant`s family fled to exile (or worse) and gunfire in the
streets becoming sparse and the taverns are en fete. Now what? Here`s your
chance to be a Founder of the Nation: write your own Constitution of laws.
How would you choose to govern and be governed?

Grá Linnaea, Katie Lane, Amy Thomson, Guy Letourneau, Bob

Writing for Graphic Novels

Hawthorne Fri Nov 8 7:00pm8:00pm

You’re a writer, not an artist! How to approach storytelling with an eye
for graphic novels.

Blake Hutchins, (*)Grá Linnaea, Liz Argall, Aaron Duran


Political Systems in SF

Hawthorne Sat Nov 9 11:00am12:00pm

Why don’t writers get it right? What to think about when developing
local, national, global, and interplanetary governments. How governments
with different cultural values really operate and (fail to?)

Brenda Cooper, Grá Linnaea, Kamila Z. Miller, Rory Miller, Jay

Gra Linnaea Reading

Grant Sat Nov 9 2:30pm3:00pm

Gra Linnaea reads from own works

Grá Linnaea

Freaking me out, not grossing me out

Hamilton Sat Nov 9 3:00pm4:00pm

Are intense descriptions of bloody death and torture really necessary to
scare the pants off your audience? Discussion on how to terrify without
all the gory details.

Grá Linnaea, Jason V Brock, Paul Groendes, Mike Chinakos, Ru Emerson

The Creative Commons

Madison Sat Nov 9 6:00pm7:00pm

All rights reserved, some rights reserved, public domain; copyright isn’t
simple, nor universal. Why some authors offer their work for free while
others insist on fair pay, who can get away with printing your material
without permission, and how (and when) to defend your copyright.

Katie Lane, (*)Grá Linnaea, Mary Rosenblum/Mary Freeman, MeiLin

Grá finder – Orycon 2011

Hey all,

I’ll be at Orycon (November 11th through 13th at the Portland Doubletree Hotel.)

I’ll be reading and you should TOTALLY COME. (seriously, there may be cookies.)

Saturday – Nov 12 – 5:30pm
Grá Linnaea Reads from his own work
Room: Grant

But you can also see my purple-haired nonsensical self on panels:

Friday – Nov 11 – 2:00pm – Drowning in slush – Room: Idaho
The best and worst of slush. How does slush reading work and who does it? What makes a story stand out from the slush pile? Is there any way around the pile? Are agents now the new slush readers, and how is that working out for the publishing industry?
Leslie What, (*)Grá Linnaea, Lizzy Shannon, Wendy Wagner

Friday – Nov 11 – 4:00:pm – Theme – Room: Hawthorne
What is theme? How do you develop theme in your writing, or should you even try? For the sake of future graduate students studying your brilliant prose, learn about this often-neglected aspect of storytelling.
Karen Azinger, Bill Johnson, (*)Grá Linnaea, Richard A. Lovett

Saturday – Nov 12 – 12:00:pm – Science Fiction as a Tool for Social Change – Room: Idaho
Many writers have put their ideals into their writing. Some have even tried to get people to follow those ideas.
(*)Rhiannon Louve, Brenda Cooper, Grá Linnaea, Edward Morris, G. David Nordley

Saturday – Nov 12 – 2:00:pm – But I thought it was perfect! – Room: Hawthorne
The pain and pleasure of giving and receiving critiques, and how to employ feedback while honoring your muse.
(*)Mary Rosenblum/Mary Freeman, Grá Linnaea, Bill Johnson, Joan Gaustad, Richard A. Lovett

Saturday – Nov 12 – 3:00:pm – Writers of the Future – Room: Roosevelt
Much more than a contest, this can be a stepping stone to a published career. Come find out about this contest, what it takes, and what it can do for you.
(*)Ken Scholes, Aimee C. Amodio, Stoney Compton, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Grá Linnaea

Sunday – Nov 13 – 12:00:pm – Publishing Ethics – Room: Hamilton
When does a long response time become unprofessional or even insulting? How does an editor or publisher offer suggestions to a struggling author without offending them? Should they? This panel discusses where in the field of publishing the line is drawn (or should be drawn) between ethical decisions and business decisions.
Guy Letourneau, (*)Grá Linnaea, Claude Lalumière, Bruce Taylor

If you’re at the con, come check it out!

OryCon! Many panels! Mostly on one day! Also, come hear me read!

Hey ya’all,

I’ll be a panelist and doing a signing and a reading at OryCon 32

I’m super packed crazy busy on Saturday, but have nothing on Friday and only one panel on Sunday. If you want to grab a meal or something, let me know!


12:00:pm to 1:00:pm (Jefferson/Adams room) – Writers of the Future panel with Ken Scholes, Aimee C. Amodio, K. C. Ball, Alex Black, and (this year’s winner) Lael Salaets

(between 1 and 2, i’ll be running a critique group.)

2:00:pm to 3:00:pm (Jefferson/Adams room) – Theme, what is it? with Jessica Reisman, Sara A. Mueller, Mary Rosenblum and Bill Johnson

3:00:pm to 3:30:pm (Broad/Weidler room) – Autograph session. Come get your obscure magazine or anthology signed by me! (note: it’d be best if one of my stories is in said anthiology, but i’ll work with you.)

4:00:pm to 5:00:pm (Roosevelt room) – Revision: Path to better writing or slog into mud? with Steve Perry, Jessica Reisman, and Lori Ann White

6:30:pm to 7:00:pm (Lincoln room) – Come hear me read! It’ll be awesome! There will be cookies!


12:00:pm to 1:00:pm (Hamilton) – What is Magical Realism? Can someone explain it to us? with Craig Laurance Gidney, Bruce Taylor and Blythe Ayne