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#$10novel – day 17 – smoosh!

I think i’m starting to go into the exhilarating and scary part of the novel where everything seems downhill from here.

On my break day, i plotted out all the scenes left (as far as i can tell) and i’ve come up with 25 scenes, probably a little bit less than 1000 words each. Which more or less fits what i planned. Breaking it down like that makes it seem less intimidating. Three or so scenes a day, i can do that.

Anyway, i wrote through four scenes and got my 3000 words. Thanks for playing, Rachel A, but the ten dollars stays home.

As a consolation prize, please accept the Greek Earth-Mother, Demeter!:

Tomorrow: My friend The Ferrett.

What evil does the Ferrett have in store to steal my $10? Tune in to find out! I have to get to 74,000 words before i go to bed tomorrow or i owe Ferrett ten bucks.