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Tab close

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Holy crap, i have less than six days till i fly to Europe!

Don’t want to carry any extra weight, so i’d better get rid of all these tabs.


I love this Marco Fusinato project called, “Music Is What Numbers Feel Like.”

I’ve been researching logo trends for my day job. Some fun stuff here.

I’m also lately fascinated by Smashing Magazine, which is full of cool design tips.


Since i’m bouncing around the world, and have no money, i’ve been spending a lot of time on the Couchsurfer’s Site. Particularly making sure i do it in a safe fashion.

While i’m in London, i’m really hoping to visit the T-Party writing group.


I keep forgetting that i plan to read this article on How To Make America More Innovative.

I want to read this economics book, “Whoops!: Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay.”


Just in case folks who knew danele are reading this. My old friend Devon posted videos of danele’s memorial service.


I’m curious about developing a few television shows. These two articles cover one’s way too formulaic for my taste, but still have interesting information.

My writing has been on hiatus while J and i work through our separation stuff and i get ready for Europe, but i plan to get back on track querying agents and submitting stories in a week or so.

Ok, going to bed …

tab close

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Need to save my browser again.


The Super TV-Be-Gone Kit, i am SO making one of these!

The slightly awesome, slightly creepy Minimum Wage Machine. Spits out pennies when the user turns a crank to produce electricity.

Many different plans to Build Your Own Solar Panel Array.

I’m really geeked about all the Open Source Hardware projects popping up all over the place.

I’m thinking about getting a membership on the Instructables site. I do likes to make me some stuff. 😛

I was just thinking that touch screens needed some tactile variation. Cool!

I’m appreciating MAKE’s Mischief Maker’s Holiday Guide. Ohhhhh yesss.

Under the “yeah, it was a little too good to be true” category, IBM claims to create AI Cat Brain Life.

World Change, an awesome project to bring together motivated people for positive world change. Nice!

I’m so incredibly geeked about this Urban Green Housing project in Dallas! (more pics here.)

An interesting look at Not In My Backyard.

When i look at PolitiFact’s Obameter, while there’s plenty i wish Obama was doing differently, he has so far kept quite a few of his promises.


After playing with a friend’s iPhone exercise app, i’ve been looking at Linux exercise programs. The three i’ve seen so far are SportsTracker, Open Fitness and Kipinä, (which looks to be open source.) We’ll see what works.


Thinking about Neil‘s “The Graveyard Book,” which i’m *ahem* just now reading (don’t tell Neil!) i’m looking over Kipling’s The Jungle Book for reference.

Neil also mentioned The Oblique Strategies deck at some point. I like the idea, wanna get a set for myself, or maybe ask for them for the holidays. [UPDATE:] I found an online generator. Cool. 🙂

In a recent conversation, Ellen Datlow mentioned the seminal horror/sci-fi story Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell. I didn’t *ahem* mention that haven’t actually read it yet. *embarrassed*


I’m looking at lots of ESL jobs. Also here. Oh, and i might need an International Driving Permit if i end up in Europe.

I need to register my new startup with the Central Contractor Registry page.

I also need to register us with The Lime Exchange.


Some awesome writing advice on i09 these days. One on “Your Crucial Character Isn’t Working. What To Do” and another from Ray Bradbury’s “Advice To Struggling Writers.”

Another writing book i’d like to pick up. Writing for Video Game Genres: From FPS to RPG.

These Tell Me A Story cards are cool and kind of cute.


This is neat. Learning new languages with Sign Language as an intermediary. Where Are Your Keys?: The Language Fluency Game.

I used to juggle. Eight Reasons You Should Learn To Juggle. With advice on how, too.

The World’s Most Beautiful Poop. What else can i say?

I love Love LOVE this Tom Gauld print, “Characters for an Epic Tale.” SQUEE!

And, once again, my browser feels much lighter. Ahhhh.

Tab close

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My browser is getting out of control again, so …


I was thinking about where countries get their names (especially the names other countries call them). Here’s a neat list of Country Name Etymologies.

Wow, 100 Years of Design Manifestos, cool! (thanks, Noah!)

Emma Bull started this coolio writing project based on her love of Man from U.N.C.L.E., Shadow Unit!

My God, World of Goo is the most addictive game ever! (Thanks, E.J.)

I think Neil sent around this. An archive of comic book scripts. I’m thinking my next project after the novel will be a script, so, very useful. I also have been looking at a few how-tos, this and this weren’t too bad, but you should probably start with Scott McCloud’s Making Comics, and maybe this or this.

Oh, and i don’t want to forget this cute place in Montreal. I’m hoping to stay there sometime soon. *squee*

CATEGORY: of no interest to anyone

I have some work coming up where i need to program in *ack* Silverlight. Ignore this section.
Windows Presentation Foundation
Extensible Application Markup Language
Windows Presentation Foundation
Silverlight training vids and WPF training vids
.NET framework
move along, move along…


I’ve got big plans for this here page. Hoping soon to make a splash page with my publication covers and would love to have some separate feeds going for music and fiction.

The wordpress site has some interesting info on how to do it here.

And these plugins have a lot of potential for setting up what i want: WordPressMU, WP Hive, Virtual Multiblog, and Multiply.

CATEGORY: Learnin’

Because i’m stupid, i’m thinking about going back to school to get my MFA. (Advice welcome in the comments section.) A bunch of my Clarion friends have been helping out.

Actually, i should hit up Nalo, she’s pretty much doing what i’d like to do (traveling around, teaching courses everywhere and writing amazing stuff.)

Here’s a bit of what i’ve been thinking about:

Jeff Vandermeer started this exciting thread on MFA programs who respect “Non-Realist Fiction,” mostly in the UK.

My friend Monica pointed me at this MFA blog.

Obviously wherever i go has to respect speculative fiction. I’m seriously looking at Stonecoast, Warwick, Middlesex, Napier, University of Kansas, CU-Boulder, Chapman, Syracuse, University of Cincinnati, USC, The New School, Seton Hill and CCA.

I’ve also got tabs open for FAFSA and The Pell Grant.

Ok, that’s enough for now. Only three tabs open. Ahhhhhhh…