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art day 17 – [story fragment] Dervish

This might be the start of something if i can get some real characters into it … and a plot … maybe some character desires.


Trevor ran his articulated plastic fingers through the thick grey wires that were supposed to look like his hair. He kept the wires pulled back in a stiff ponytail that hung against his undyed cotton jacket. His face was a solid piece of plastic resin, so he couldn’t visually express emotion.
He enunciated every word carefully. “I am tired of staying inside.”
For all Dr. Mortison’s expression, she may as well have had a plastic face herself. If she had a first name, she had never said it. “Trevor, we still don’t know the effects the outside will have on you.”

He tapped his fingers against his hard cheeks. She would press the point for at least another few minutes. He slowed his outside perceptions until Dr. Mortison raced, making her words an incomprehensible stream. When she seemed to be winding down, Trevor sped his perceptions back to one-one time. His heat fins were pressing against his shirt and he shrugged to dissipate it before he started smoking. Besides, he liked this coat.
“…Not to worry Trevor, people will be excited to meet you. You’ll be exploring the world in no time.” Dr. Mortison smiled.

Dragging his feet down the hall to his room, he mentally spun the VR randomizer. In his mind, he hung from the very tips of his fingers. There was something about the situation that made things all right, if only for a bit. His internal tension drained until calm hung abnormally from his bones like he was resting in the park.
In VR, he looked down, past his dangling legs, to the abyss far far beneath his black boots.
The strength in his fingers gave, in a way they never would in real life, and his body quickly reached terminal velocity.
He savored his body dashing on the marble floor below and pulled his mind from virtual.