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Double Dare to Be Bad Day!


I just wrote a bunch of writing friends about the new stupid thing I’m doing this weekend.

I want to finish this novel over the weekend, so I’m stealing Devon Monk‘s “Dare to Be Bad” writing strategy.

(Dare to Be Bad is attempting to write 10,000 words in one day. You’re daring to be bad because … Jesus you don’t have time to worry about quality, you just gotta write and write and write!)

Except I’m Daring to be Bad on BOTH Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll start writing Saturday at 10am and go till 10pm with breaks for food and location changes (900 words an hour? Easy!)

Then I’ll start over on Sunday and do the whole madness again.


Anyway, some folks are joining me for part of both days, but I plan to be on Google Hangout the whole time, so if you want to join me in solid productivity time. I’ll be doing 45 on (writing, no talking) and 15 mins off (taking a break, hangin’ out) every hour except food breaks and travel.

Day 1: Google Hangout invite for Dare to Be Bad Day – Part 1
Day 2: Google Hangout invite for Dare to Be Bad Day – Part 2

If you want to play along, but don’t write fiction, do whatever you want (write term papers, sew, work on homework, build wooden ships, knit, bake, design a secret death laser, whatever.)

And you don’t have to work the whole twelve hours, feel free to drop in and out.

Anyway, I’ll post word count from time to time as I go. Wish me luck.

May the getting-stuff-done be with you,

Devon tells me that she got the idea from Nina Kiriki Hoffman who says that she came up with the name with Dean Wesley Smith but that the idea for the 10,000 word day comes from Jennifer Linnaea or possibly still Devon Monk. So, you know … that.