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Oh yeah, the new site …

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IMG_20130216_103544Whatcha think? It’s not a 100% what I was expecting, and the journey here was insane, but it’ll do for now.

A couple details and a mild rant:

You’ll notice some dust in the corners and cracks in the walls. I’ve got the fiction section most of the way there. Expect that to get seriously awesome when I launch my serial novel at the end of February.

The music section needs a header graphic and is currently just old stuff, but I’m playing with my schedule and trying to figure out where I can fit music in with writing and money-work and friends and cooking and and and … whew.

The shop section is just a placeholder for future stuff. I’ll probably turn it off soon and restart it when needed.

I should probably redo my bio too. *makes note*


Not to end on a downer, but there’s a few things I wanted to get off my chest about the redesign. I’ve been debating whether to share this, but I think I need to say a few things:

So, as a lot of you know, my day job is web design. It’s practically criminal that I didn’t just buckle down and redo the site myself, but I needed a lot done. The fiction section, journal and music section are essentially three blogs controlled by one interface and I’d been thinking the site needed an update for a year or so. The more I thought about how much work it all needed, the more I dragged my feet.

So I finally bit the bullet and started shopping for a web designer to do the update. I didn’t look very far, but went with a person a friend of mine recommended. I wasn’t blown away by this person’s stuff, but I convinced myself they might be able to stretch a bit. (Honestly, that should have been my first warning bell.)

Long story short, I think the designer was in the middle of some life problems and the work was obviously outside their ability.

What they delivered was a mess.

I empathize with their problems, but, hell, if I had done a job half as shitty as they did, I’d own it and offer a refund.

As it was, when I discussed the problems, they got defensive, doubled down, talking to me as if I didn’t understand web design, (which I’ve done as a living for over 18 years.)

Eventually, they grudgingly agreed to a partial refund, saying it was only because I was a “fellow writer.” (More likely, they didn’t want me bad-mouthing them to my writing friends.)

Anyway, I eventually did a quick redesign (you’re looking at it.) The backend is still wonky, but I’ve got it at least working.

So, here we are. I’m not going to call them out. Hopefully they learned something. I sure did.

Of overwhelm and wonders …

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I get sick of hearing myself say, “So. Much. To. Do.” And yet, I still put myself in that state far too often. Doh.

This week brings together an amazingly stressful set of events and obligations: Money work and writing duties, preparation for my workshop next month and moving. Don’t get me wrong, moving to Portland has already had its up sides. I’ve been hanging out with folks and exploring the city a little and have already made some exciting new friends. Cool.

But I haven’t gotten much done in the last two days, which my friends know sometimes feels like the end of the world to me. (get it? May 21st? GET IT??)

And okay, some downtime isn’t automatically a bad thing, but I feel like my brain isn’t going to good places when I’m still. Clearly I should either full-on sit with the feelings or get on with getting stuff done.

I guess I’ll try both today.

I found these two articles on getting-$#!%-done: The Cognitive Cost of Doing Things and How Self-Control Works. I declare today will be a mix of being good to myself while still pushing myself a little.

I’ve made a reasonable list, prioritizing things that will make my life immediately better. It’s short enough as to not be too overwhelming, has fun breaks built in and, when it’s done, should have immediate positive results in my life. Tonight I’ll let you know how it goes.

3 … 2 … 1GO!

Oh yeah, an update:

I promised myself that i’d keep up with this thing. Sheesh.

I have a few articles on writing bouncing around in my head. I’ll write those soon. I should probably repost the ones i’ve been writing for Shimmer. I just started digging out my recording setup and hope to be making music again soon.

One of the big things is i’m super excited about redesigning this site … and generally dragging my feet on, you know, doing it. Be it’ll be cool: I’ll have a section of my publications’ covers and images of my awards, some free fiction and a music section. But, yeah, that’s all on the back-burner at the moment while i stitch my life back together after traveling for nine months.

So, the check-in:

Life is unstable, but generally pretty good. I’m finally starting to feel settled in Eugene again. I rejoined the co-op i helped get off the ground. I was nervous at first, but am really happy with the folks and the house (and my room and my new bed.)

Look at it, just look at it!


Things with J are … a little off. We obviously still love each other, but being in the same town all the time is definitely taking adjustment. S and i are doing as well as we can. She seems to be adjusting pretty well in Turkey. L&D are having a baby! N is rushing to finish her latest novel!

I keep feeling like everyone is doing more (and more interesting) things than me. Obviously i want to let this go, but i also just want to get off my ass.

As always, writing:

My main focus these days is getting back into consistent writing and submitting, which is hard with the new 40-hour a week job. (and still reading for Shimmer and my various art and music plans)

… Oh yeah, the job:

It’s great. Great people, interesting work, fun office and … and, well, it’s been a long time since i worked 40-hours a week (for money at least.) It’s taking some time to get my head around carving out writing time (and exercise, and friends, and fun, and and and … )

So, yeah, still more to do, more to plan and implement, but i’m getting by … and feeling a little more excited everyday.

You wanna know the weird thing? I find myself more and more wanting to become a sort of ascetic. I really just want to exercise and eat well and work for money and make an INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF ART, mostly writing, but definitely music and physical things too ….

… don’t get me wrong, i’m only talking for the next six months or so. I’m much too much of a hedonist to maintain asceticism, but i really really really want to produce a body of work and rekindle the buzz that was forming around my stuff a year ago.

Anyway, i gots plans. Watch this spot for more ridiculous and outrageous claims.

As always, RAWR! ONWARD!