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#$10novel – day 14

OMG! Today’s a double payout day! [swearword]!

Meh. Yesterday i had to get design work done in the morning and then started volunteer work at 4pm (that ended up going till 11:30pm) … then i had trouble getting to sleep. “Meh!” I decree!

For a “day off”, it was not very day-off-like.

Anyway, dragging myself up and about. I’ve already written 500 words, but have to write another 2500 or i lose *gulp* $20!

Sunday, May 31st: Arashinomoui and Bruce Holland Rogers (DOUBLE PAYOUT DAY!)

So, i have to get to 59,000 words or i’ll own both Arashinomoui and Bruce ten bucks. (I’m desperately trying to figure out how to get this done with all the other work i have to do today. And i have to get most of it done by 6pm!)

I know, sorry, whine whine whine.

Novelburns Update

At this point, i’d call them “fluffy.” They are not yet dyed purple. I’ll have to wait till i can find some time and maybe for them to come in a bit more.

Body Update

So. Sore. My arms and belly are definitely feeling it. Going to take it a bit easier today. I read somewhere that you need to let your body have rest days to make the exercise effective. I’ll jump back into it harder tomorrow.

Okay, disappearing into my cave of writing. Update tonight.

$10novel – day 13 – BOOM!

As i write this, i am sweaty and sticky from fulfilling my exercise duties. Soon i shower and, you know, go to bed.

Holly, my money stays mine! Sandwiches will have to be purchased in the usual fashion.

But, because i am a beneficent in my winning status, i give Holly an awesome lime green phone:awesome_lime_green_phone

Tomorrow: DAY OFF!

Body Update:

Food: Ate raw in the morning, had Thai red curry for lunch (soooo good), ate raw for dinner … then went out for ice cream! Ah well.

Mel forced my hand, so i did 7 DDR songs, 10 pushups, and 9 ab exercises (20 reps each.)

It’ll do.


$10novel – day 13

Day 13!?!? Oh noes!

Well, i literally have one more completed scene to draw from, and then it’s all uncharted territory. I just spent a little while making a list of unanswered questions and unfired guns, which will hopefully point me at new scenes as i go.

Today’s contestant: My friend Holly Arrow.

I have to reach 56,000 words before i go to bed tonight, or i’ll owe Holly ten bucks, which she will likely use to buy herself and Bruce subway sandwiches. Oh crap! I already owe Holly money! I guess i’ll endeavor to write today’s words and still pay holly. 😛

Body Update:

Am eating pretty well. Just had juice, fruit and nuts for breakfast. I’m going out to lunch, but at least i’m biking there.

Mel’s going to kick my butt if i don’t do some real exercise, so i’m going to commit to doing at least 6 songs of DRR, 10 pushups and a full set of ab exercises. If i don’t do it, i’ll send Mel (or the non-profit of her choosing) $5.

Come on, people. Let’s go get that day!

#$10novel – day 12 – Smack!

Jeesh. I just wrote 3400 words between 9:30 and Midnight. Whew.

Loreen, i take my money back. So there. 😛

But you get a dradle!

ACT II is in full on emo mode. I’m going to have to find ways to lighten it up a little. I also think i need to find some time to do some plotting cause i’m running out of plot fast.

Anyway, tired. Going to bed.


$10novel – day 12

Today is yet another day where nearly every second is accounted for. Mostly for things i’m not all that excited about. Going to try to get some writing done as soon as i send this.

ACT II, i is in it. From now on, things are going to get harder and harder as i diverge away from my original outline. Anyway…

Today’s contestant: Loreen Heneghan, who can kill men with a thought.

I have to reach 53,000 words before i go to bed tonight, or i’ll owe Loreen ten bucks, which she will no doubt spend on debauchery, scams and intrigue. She must be stopped!

Novelburns Update:

The burns continue to spread like a virus. I started to dye my hair today and decided to throw some dye on them. They REALLY stand out now.

What you looking so smug about, dork boy?

What you looking so smug about, dork boy?

I’ll hopefully dye them bright purple next.

Body Update:

Hoping to get some exercise in today, but it’s not feeling likely. Had raw food for breakfast, so that feels pretty good. We’ll see about the rest.