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#$10novel – Day 4 – ZAP!

I woke up at 5am and began writing by 7. I actually finished earlier today, getting to 30,065 words (1000 more than i needed today!) by the afternoon, but then i got so busy i didn’t have time to post. I really should be sleeping, getting ready to write tomorrow morning.

Of course this steals the $10 from the hungry mouth of AnarchicQ, but … wait, i’m not suggesting AnarchicQ eats ten dollar bills, but … well never mind. Sorry AnarchicQ.

For a consolation prize, i post a monopoly board:

Story fragment:
     The car’s dim headlights illuminated dripping Hornbeam trees until full daybreak burned away the moisture. The sun was high by the time they drove through Orlando, Ocala, then Gainsvile. Their pooled money bought them tortillas and beans from a tiny Hispanic market in Tifton. Four hours later they parked just outside of a small town named Melrose, on the Georgia border.
     They made their bed on the folded front seats of the car. They’d only had one night sleeping apart in the big tent, but Ras felt shy with them again. The seats were uncomfortable, the stick shift and seat belts poking through the padding. It took a while to settle, but eventually they slept, leaning on each other, piled with blankets and pillows.

Next up: Friend and colleague, John Burridge, who i am sure will spend the $10 on either Pepsi, chocolate or Ceylon tea.


#$10novel – Day 4 – Starting (and Novelburns update)

Woke up early, spent a few minutes just looking out at the sun rise on a rainy Eugene day.

I can’t eat this morning because i have to get some blood work done later. In a few minutes i hope to be completely into my novel, chipping out today’s words. Then i can jump on my design work and hopefully feel free and open in the afternoon. Not sure that’s how it will actually happen, but … well, wish me luck.

Day Four: Tuesday, May 19th: AnarchicQ

If i don’t manage to knock out my words (and i’ve got a really hard scene coming up) i’ll mail or Paypal AnarchicQ $10. That’s if i fail to get my wordcount up to 29,000 words by the time … well, realistically i need to get them done by 6:30, because i have my writing group tonight and that always goes late.

Updates on Twitter forthcoming.


Novelburns update!

Got some scruff. I note that a disturbingly high percentage of which is grey.

Got some scruff. I note that a disturbingly high percentage of which is grey.

My friend Megan raises an important point. What form should the novelburns take? I’ve got two votes for mutton chops. Should that be with a connecting mustache or without?

What do you think?

#$10novel – Day 3 – Biff!

Today was really rough. I got a slow start this morning, hit a really hard scene, and then had a long business meeting and volunteer work till 9 or so. I just now finished about 3200 words, rudely denying the extremely friendly and cool Amal El-Mohtar her ten dollars.

For her, i post a knotwork flower:

Ugh. A few more days like this and i’m going to be handing out lotsa cash.

No story fragment today. Too tired.

I’ll post another Novelburns picture tomorrow, when my slow-growing facial hair has had a little more time.

Next up: AnarchicQ!


#$10novel – Day 3 – Starting (also, Novelburns)

I need a mantra.

I think i can, i think i can, i think i can!

Day Three: Monday, May 18th: Amal El-Mohtar

I’ll mail or Paypal Amal $10 if i fail to get my wordcount up to 26,000 words by the time i get to sleep tonight.

Look for updates on Twitter. Hmmm … don’t know what Amal will use the money for. Good or Evil?

[UPDATE]: Amal will use the money for good! She’ll use it to purchase poetry for her awesome journal Goblin Fruit! If i weren’t so poor, i’d be inclined to throw in for today. (note: as of 1:30pm, still have 1300 words to write.)


So, Em was chastising me because all of my motivations on this challenge are punitive. She says i need positive reinforcement too. Maybe that means she’ll buy me a pizza when i’m done. 😛

[UPDATE]: A pizza has been offered! (Hee hee hee, the power of hint-dropping.)

Anyway, this got me thinking …

… and i’ve come up with another negative reinforcement tool.

As i look at the novel ahead, i think it’s just going to get harder and harder as i venture into the disastrous and vague second and third acts. I think the people who picked the later dates are a lot more likely to receive their fabulous cash prizes.

So i needed to think of something that was so unacceptable, so intolerable to do to myself that i’d really want to get to “the end” to undo it. Something horrible.

I think i’ve found it.


I’m going to grow sideburns, and i’m not allowed to shave them off till i finish the novel and send it to at least one initial reader.

I’m calling them Novelburns.

Day One: Nothing much yet

Day One: Nothing much yet

Please help me.

#$10novel – Day 2 : Pow!

I got 3200 words written and Sean gets no pizza, nor a robot army.

Instead, he gets a picture of awesome.

Yikes! Another fragment from today’s writing:

     It was like the walls were angry. He dropped to his knees into the black soot but the pain still dug in deeper and deeper. Searching blindly, he crawled out of the fireplace, not even caring whether he was on the tarp, sure he was leaving sooty black hand prints on the perfect white carpet.
     The zap still burned cold, but the shaking focus stayed back in the fireplace. It pushed at him, like a gusting wind. He managed to stand just as Mr. Smith came into the room. The pressure from Smith balance the angry energy from the fireplace and he felt like he’d be crushed between the two forces.
     Mr. Smith looked lost, confused. “The carpet, it’s ruined.”
     Amp tried to focus on him through the pain, managed to keep his eyes on Smith’s face. “I’m sorry.”
     “It’s all ruined.”
     Amp didn’t know how or why, but he got up and stumbled forward until his hands were on Smiths shirt, leaving black streaks across his front.
     “I’m ruined.” Mr. Smith hung his head. His voice cracked like he was about to weep. “Ruined.”
     Amp didn’t recognize the voice that came out from his own mouth. “I’m not ruined. I’m okay. I’m fine.”
     Mr. Smith said, “I’m fine.”
     “I’m okay.” Amp said.
     “I’m okay” Mr. Smith repeated.

Something like that…

Today went faster. It only took me three or so hours to get through my words today. But i know this is just going to get harder and harder as i work my way into the more broken parts of the book. Whew!

Tune in tomorrow: Next up, Amal!