Thanks, everyone.

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I really appreciate you all for writing. Thanks.

I notice that i don’t really know how to move on here. What’s the next post after talking about danelé?

I think the worry that comes up is that it’ll look like i don’t care if i move on too quickly.

Screw it. I still care about danelé, i still miss her and feel sad.

But i have stuff to do, so new post to follow.

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  1. Evan Jensen says:

    I know I didn't say anything, and certainly don't warrant the thanks part. I wanted to chime in on the "getting on" portion of this one. Didn't talk about it much, but my grandmother died a month ago, and I found myself in the same mindset. "What's it mean/seem like if I stop focusing on the loss?" I can't figure out what an "appropriate" sort of mourn time is, and frankly I'm with you on this one: moving on isn't disrespectful. It certainly doesn't mean we're forgetting too quickly. It means life is for doing and living.


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