Two upcomming projects and an informal poll…

Going off to spend time with J’s folks tomorrow.

I’m trying to do nothing for a few days, to be unproductive. Maybe even to feel good about it.

We’ll see.

But AFTER the holiday, i have two creative projects bouncing around in my head, just waiting to come busting out… like in Alien.

1.) I’ve been crafting a “mutual world.”

What’s that Grá?

well, i’ll tell you.

I’m creating a fictional framework, a world where other writers can write stories. The idea is that we’ll all write stories in this world and create an anthology, which i’ll pitch to a publisher and we’ll all become millionaires and have groupies and stuff. OK, that last part wont happen, but some of my _published_ friends have shown interest. I’m going to start writing the “bible” for the project at the beginning of the year and bounce it off some writer friends.

2.) I just love to set myself up so i can get really stressed. I think at the beginning of February i’m going to host a contest/challenge called “30 Songs In 30 Days” (3-SI-3D), it’ll be kinda like NaNoWriMo (which i won last year.) Check out my blog for updates, i’ll be hyping the contest at the beginning of the year.

Oh, i need your help. Yeah YOU. I’m working on a new music project and i need a name for my band.

What should i name it?

The most recent name i’ve been playing with is: “I TRIANGLE triangles!”

but most people hate that.

So, what should i name my new band? Leave me a suggestion in the comments.

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