Writing journal – issue 5

The moment you've been waiting for has finally come. So many of you
have been waiting for me to say this, and now, at last, I can.

I am going to go take a shower.

I am also going to shave off this seven day beard, at last change my
cloths, and maybe, even clean my room.

I am also considering eating some of those things called “vegetables”,
or at least eating food that isn't chocolate, caffeine or crunchy fried things that are served in a plastic bag. I hear that the air outside of my bedroom is also quite nice.

Oh, yeah, I also wrote my 60,248th and 60,249th words about an hour ago. They were “THE” and “END”

This has been an important process for me, i've learned a lot about myself.

For instance, i've learned that there is nothing that i won't do to
avoid writing. Hell, i even cleaned the bathroom once instead.

I've also learned that when employing the “I get a reward if I finish X many words” method of self motivation, in the moment i'm just as likely say, “Aw what the hell, it's the thought that counts.” as actually finish X many words.

Jokes aside. The very first thing i did when i finished writing was burst into tears.

Actually i want to toot my own horn for a second (or prove how completely stupid I am.) I had set a very specific two-part goal for myself this winter.

1.) Write a 60,000 word novel in the month of November.
2.) Submit 9 stories through my writing group between October and December.

Well, i ended up having to write most of those stories for the writing group in November (while trying to write the novel), so between October 16th and today i've actually written (wait, lemme count 'em…
…holy shit!) 82,193 words.

For you page people, that’s about three hundred and eighty three pages.

Sheesh! I may never write again.

Anyway, thanks for listening to me whine about this thing for the last month. I look forward to hanging out with many of you again, and going back to being a productive member of society…

…just as soon as i go take a shower.

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